Excellent business relations guarantee efficient and quick service for all our clients 

As Austria’s oldest privately-owned banking institute, Bankhaus Carl Spängler & Co. Aktiengesellschaft is committed to providing high level assistance and support for all its clients. Advisory capacity comes first. We therefore constantly strive to optimize our range of products and services to meet your changing needs. Our dedicated mission is to find adequate solutions that complement current customer requirements and match future business strategies. At the same time, we put much effort into the organisation of stable processes and smooth managing of all transactions.

In today’s world, cooperation and the exchange of information are key elements for success, particularly in the banking industry. Ensuring cost efficiency and guaranteeing reliable quality standards and premium expertise – these are key aspects for keeping pace with the best players in the market.

One of our focuses is to build up resilient, sustainable and long-term banking partnerships. The development of an international network of corresponding banks enables us to foster innovation and seize opportunities. We currently keep close contact with a large number of banks and financial institutions throughout the world.


One of our focuses: building up long-term banking partnerships

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